Equity Risk Sciences, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


At Equity Risk Sciences, our primary mission is to make investing safer for all investors.

Every day, we focus our time, energy and resources on finding new and improved ways to make investing safer. We concern ourselves not just with reducing investment losses.

Exclusively employing proprietary predictive analytic models to company’s balance sheets and statement of cash flows, rather than the forecasts of future earnings, we have identified, measured, and ranked the financial risks of common stocks.

Using our systematic, “evidence-based” research, we have developed a conservative and reliable estimate of the “minimum value” of each public company. We have concluded that stocks which trade at or close to our estimate of their minimum value fall much less than and have consistently outperformed stocks with much higher levels. And we know through thousands of back-tests that stocks that stop falling soon begin to rise again. When stocks hit a bottom, the smartest buyers know, and begin to scoop them up.

ERS has built a “Company Risk Indicator” (CRI), a robust tool that greatly enables investors to avoid losses from high risk stocks. It also identifies stocks with highly favorable risk/reward profiles. All back-tests, to date, have validated our model’s efficacy.

We are committed to helping all investors avoid unnecessary risks, many of which they are unaware of. We believe that for fiduciaries, capital preservation must be of paramount concern. We’re not following fad stocks – we’re identifying in good quality companies, that stocks trade at reasonable or low prices. Our system identifies stocks when the possibility of further declines is small, but the upside may be high. Our CRI is the right tool for all investment landscapes, but especially now amidst the increased market volatility following one of the longest bull markets in history.

The company’s mission is to every day focus our time and resources on finding new ways to make investing safer with our tools and technology.

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